The Cub

We tried to shrink all the living basics inside a cube with inner dimensions of 2,1 x 2,1 x 2,1 meters.

Ing. arch. Jaroslav Mach st., Ing. arch. Jaroslav Mach ml., Ing. arch. Lucie Lindovská,
Ing. arch. Kateřina Holková, Ing, arch. Marian Počuch

When closed, it is a compact volume that looks nearly impenetrable from the outside, but when you open the front panel, you have a deck that easily doubles your living space.

The Cub is made of cross laminated timber panels, because wood being the only really sustainable construction material in long term. The roof is a basin made of stainless steel, so there can be an extensive green roof, that helps containing the rain water and cooling down the interior by evaporation.

The shower room works when the Cub is connected to the grid, which should not be a problem when it is placed in a developed area. When equipped with solar façade, the Cub becomes independent on electricity supply. There can be six solar panels on one façade, and another six can be placed on the additional folding panel that would form a roof over the deck when opened.

Today, you can have your Cub in the backyard as a guest house, in foreseeable future they can be placed anywhere – on rooftops, temporarily on construction sites, over parking lots, inside unused buildings, they can be stacked, moved, grouped, shared… You can even have one in five different cities or just have your personal (wo)men’s cave in your backyard.


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